Claim: ‘Post Glacial Rebound is a Myth’

The Marshes in Jamaica Bay, New York are drying and dying from the shoreline outward. The EPA has spent 55 Million to dredge and flood the inshore area once again and replant marsh grasses in an attempt to sustain the marshlands. These attempts are ad hoc measures for in a few years the marsh will go dry again. Loot at an aerial view of Idlewild Airport in the fifties and compare the view with aerial photos of JFK today. Where has all the water in the Jamaica Bay area gone over those 50 years. You showed a photo of La Guardia Airport and the land fill created for it. Please do the same for Idlewild Airport built in 1948 now JFK. You will see that the water surrounding the entire airport in 1948 is gone. To build Idlewild Airport 1000 acres were dumped up in Jamaica Bay and the airport was surrounded with marshlands. Today they are all gone. The East Coast of the United States has lost most of it coastal wetlands since colonial times. New Jersey only discovered the phenomenon because of aerial photography since 1922.

Watts Up With That?

NOTE: (I had this at the bottom of the post some people missed it so I moved it up to the top) I’m not convinced that this idea has any merit whatsoever, as I see more conventional reasons (like silting) for land recovery such as at Rome’s original harbor and in New York, but thought it was worth posting for the discussion that would ensue. Even bad science deserves to be discussed/disproven. See also a note below.  – Anthony

Isostacy is a major Geological error.

Guest essay by Richard Guy

The Governments of the United States and Canada are concerned about the ebbing water levels in the Great Lakes. For years the water levels in the great lakes and other lakes have been declining without any signs of ever returning to previous levels. The best news is that there is no hope that the water levels will ever return…

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